Extra marmalade. Produced by mix of 3 citrus fruits. Not a common marmalade, usually used in confectionery or in salad dressings.

Mini Pita Bread

Smooth flavor with unique and fresh tropical fruits that create the perfect granite recipe

Tuber Melanosporum (Perigord Truffle)

The precious Black Winter Truffle or the ”black diamond of the kitchen”. 

MELIES (Extra virgin olive oil)

Extra virgin olive oil: “Melies” award winning olive oil with highly fruity and strong aroma


A blend from the finest quality coffee beans

HOT - COLD Chocolate drink

The extraordinary quality ranks this chocolate unique in as a variety, thus attributing identity and uniqueness to the classic chocolate beverage. 

Nick Stasinopoulos

Founder & Managing Director


We are a dynamic and versatile company based in the Philippines, that has exclusive distribution and management of unique food products. These high-quality products mainly originate from Mediterranean countries, designed not only to match the healthy needs of the market but also to introduce the most precious gastronomic food products all over the world. Our team comes from various backgrounds within the food and hospitality industry, with great experience in the Mediterranean culinary sector.
To offer healthy oriented food products to a market that demands quality over quantity. Our philosophy in every collaboration is to focus on reliability and the sharing of new ideas. We meet with our partners regularly and we monitor how they operate from production to delivery, in order to understand the culture behind the brand and be consistent with it. Based on the needs of the market, we want to offer the finest food products available. With our expertise and insights, we efficiently promote, consult and support food companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets.


We focus on delicatessen grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and food wholesalers.

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