Citrus was founded in 2008 as a multifaceted business venture whose main area of activity is the production of foods based on the renowned citrus fruits of Chios, an island in the eastern Aegean. Inspired by a history of systematic cultivation and commerce that dates back to the 14th century, Citrus aims at dynamically linking the past, present and future of citrus production in the area of Kambos with a model cottage industry. The fruit is used in high-quality products with significant nutritional properties, aimed at Greek and international markets.

SIX GREAT TASTE Awards 2018 for CITRUS Aroma Mnimis

This year CITRUS distinguished itself once again by receiving six awards out of a total of 12,634 entries in this year’s Great Taste Awards, the ‘Food Oscars’, as they are known, and the acknowledged worldwide benchmark for fine food and drink.
The products that received awards are:

  • Chian tangerine with sesame fruit pie: 2 gold stars
  • Marzipan bites with bitter almond flavor: 1 gold star
  • Chian tangerine loukoumi (delight): 1 gold star
  • Orange slices with cinnamon spoon sweet: 1 gold star
  • Pistachio spoon sweet: 1 gold star
  • Chian tangerine vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil & carob syrup: 1 gold star

Our products have been honoured with Great Taste Awards* for 5 consecutive years. For CITRUS, these rewards reflect the overall effort we make as a team responding to the expectations of our customers for high quality products. At the same time, we have also succeeded in combining the high quality of the product with the history of the region and its fruits. In this way, Citrus offers its customers a journey to the flavours and unique aromas of the Kambos of Chios.
* The awards are decided through ‘blind’ tastings, where renowned chefs, restaurant and delicatessen owners, food producers, writers, critics and journalists specializing in food, come together to judge the entries.

Certifications: ISO


Extra marmalade. Produced by mix of 3 citrus fruits. Not a common marmalade, usually used in confectionery or in salad dressings.


Extra jam with clear strawberry flavour. Can be used in pastry.


Unique product with spread texture and pure Chian Tangerines flavour. Can be used in pastry and cooking.


Extra jam with a pleasing crunch of fig seeds. Great combination with cheese and easily used in pastry.

TOMATO SAUCE with Honey & Star Anise

Tomato sauce ready for use. Sweetened with honey and flavoured with spices that give unique taste. Heat it and serve with fish, meat, pasta, pizza.

CHIAN TANGERINE VINAIGRETTE with extra virgin olive oil and carob syrup

Prepaired vinaigrette with a hint of Chian tangerine (PGI) aroma, ready to be used in salads or food dishes.
Coronea is the culmination of a long journey that began in 1826 in Koroni, an iconic provincial town in Messinia, Greece and carries the dreams and values of centuries of men. It was born out of the passion to seal the excellence of premium Meditarranean food ingredients and the desire to bring them to the world. Mainly focused on extra virgin olive oil, wild truffles and wild mushrooms, Coronea is an authentic family story that reflects the Mediterranean culture and will always vouch for the most exclusive dining experience

Wild truffles

Tuber Uncinatum - Tuber Aestivum (Burgundy Truffle)

The most widely-known black-variety truffle. The subspecies Tuber Uncinatum or Autumn Truffle is foraged during October-April and is a more aromatic and flavourful version of Tuber Aestivum or Summer Truffle, which is foraged during May-September. Both subspecies are characterized by an earthy, delicate, mild flavour accompanied by hazelnut notes.

Tuber Melanosporum (Perigord Truffle)

The precious Black Winter Truffle or the ”black diamond of the kitchen”. The most expensive of all black-variety truffles, it is known as an exquisite blend of ”chocolate, dried fruits and wood” with musky aromas and peppery aftertaste. It is foraged during December-March.

Tuber Magnatum (Piedmont White Truffle)

The ”king” and the most desired of all truffles. Tuber Magnatum is the rarest and most precious truffle found in nature. It is adored all over the world for its garlicky and cheesy taste that is intensified by honey and butter notes leading to the most exciting truffle experience. It is foraged during September-December and is strictly used raw above hot dishes.

Fresh mushrooms

Cantharellus Cibarius (Chanterelle)

One of the most beloved wild mushrooms in French Cuisine, Chanterelles are foraged during October-December and are characterized by a combination of fruity aromas and spicy flavors. Notes of apricot and peach blend with a peppery aftertaste accompanied by a chewy and velvety consistency, which makes them ideal for cream sauces or served with cured meats.

Craterellus Tubaeformis (Yellowfoot Trumpet)

Yellowfoot Trumpets are similar to Chanterelles but in a more delicate form. Their hollow stem and thin flesh is ideal for frying, sauteing, and boiling and are popularly served as a stand-alone side dish, stuffed into pasta or lightly flavored vegetable dishes, and soups. They are foraged during September-January and are characterized by a subtle, fruity aroma and an acute smoky-peppery flavor.

Amanita Caesarea (Caesar's Mushroom)

Named after the title given to the Roman emperors and being used for more than 2000 years, Amanita Caesarea is a tender and fragrant wild mushroom that is characterized by a fruity flavor with intense hazelnut and chestnut notes. Caesar’s mushrooms are best suited for cooked applications such as grilling, roasting, sauteing, and boiling. They are foraged during September-November.

Morchella Esculenta (Morel)

Morels are the first wild mushrooms to appear each spring and are one of the most prized culinary ingredients in haute cuisine. They are meaty and tender and are characterized by a deep earthy and nutty flavor making them perfect for pasta dishes and risottos or cooked in wine and cream-based sauces to accompany meat and roasted vegetables. They grow for only a small period during spring and thrive in delicate growing conditions rendering them as one of the rarest wild species.

Boletus Edulis (Porcini)

Porcini is one of the most desired wild mushrooms worldwide. It is foraged during September-November and is characterized by a rich meaty and woodsy flavor with an intense nutty aftertaste. It is a delicate mushroom but with a firm body rendering it as an ideal ingredient for soups, risottos, broths and stews.

We craft the finest contemporary coffees.
We are an Independent family brand that selects, roasts and finishes some of the best green coffee the world offers.
Our coffee is all about our people. Our collaborative spirit, trust in our partners and listening to customers is what sets us apart.
We fuse craft traditions with contemporary ways of working to create the finest single origin and blended espresso & filter coffee; chosen by people who know and appreciate their coffee.

The Dimello Professional range is created with the Barista in mind; especially crafted to produce a perfectly balanced coffee that delivers consistently time and time again.
We work closely with our growers & barista partners to serve well balanced coffees that are optimised for professional coffee preparation. Our Professional Customers have come to expect that the Dimello Professional
range delivers what they need when and where they need it.

Dimello Professional
Whole – Bean
Our selection of whole bean espresso coffee’s give our customers and baristas options to suit their needs and the needs of their clientele.
With a selection of Arabica and Arabica /
Robusta blends our Whole Bean espresso
coffee has it covered.

Certifications: ISO



A blend from the finest quality coffee beans

Varieties: Excellent Arabica & Robusta varieties from Central & South America, Africa & India

Blend: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

Aroma: Intense with hints of nuts and bitter chocolate

Flavor: Rich

Body: Full

Cream: Velvety


A blend from the finest quality coffee beans

Varieties: Excellent Arabica & Robusta
varieties from Central & South America, India

Blend: 90% Arabica, 10% Robusta.

Aroma: Enjoyable with caramel and chocolate notes.

Flavour: Balanced

Body: Dense

Cream: Velvety


A blend from the finest quality coffee beans

Varieties: 100% arabica, specialty grade from Central & South America, Africa and India

Blend: 100% Arabica, specialty grade.

Aroma: Intense with chocolate, jasmine and toasted bread notes.

Flavour: Strong, balanced

Body: Dense

Cream: Velvety



Unique blend with strong taste, intense body, chocolate aromas and rich tropical fruit aſtertaste. Indonesian varieties give intensity while Brazilian coffee offers full body. Coffees from Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia provide notes of chocolate and tropical fruit. The addition of Arabica from India completes the unique character of Intenso .

Characteristics: Selected Arabica varieties from Central and South America, with Robusta from India and Arabica from Indonesia.Strong taste, solid body and rich aftertaste.

Intensity: 9

10 capsules with roasted, ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Compatible capsules with Nespresso* home use machines. *Trademark owned by a third party not associated with KafeaTerra S.A.


The team at Dimello have searched the length and breadth of the South, Central America & Asia coffee producing regions to bring you Dimello Bold. We’ve sourced and selected from the finest coffee crops crafting a blend that’s distinctive in taste, nutty & chocolaty in aroma, full bodied. An exceptional dark roasted coffee with a strong & rich attitude that can be drunk at anytime during the day.

Origin: South, Central America & Asia

Characteristics: Distinctive in taste, nutty & chocolaty in aroma


A carefully crafted blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees from Central, South America and India. Our dark-roasted Dimello Forza, offers a full-bodied mouthfeel with strong taste. Enjoy.

Origin: Central, South America and India

Characteristics: Strong flavor & full body

Intensity: 5

Founded 2011 by Mr. A. Spiliadis with the goal of the personal branding and export of the family’s own olive oil production.

  • “Eleia” is proud owner of Greece’s largest privately owned olive grove, numbering 40,000 olive trees.
  • Export driven business profile underlined by a family history, experience and know how that spans over a century.
  • First press, cold extraction and early harvest.
  • ISO 22000 certified
  • Impeccable quality control
  • Outstanding service
  • Competitive price point
  • Strong international public profile.

Certifications: ISO

MELIES (Extra virgin olive oil)

Extra virgin olive oil: “Melies” award winning olive oil with highly fruity and strong aroma, and with a perfectly balanced taste alluding to wild herbs with an indisputably Greek temperament, while scoring golden medals for its quality and design. This perfectly balanced premium extra virgin olive oil with its extremely low acidity, is the best companion for finishing great dishes but also for the everyday cooking, while offering unique value for money to the price conscious consumer.

MELIES (Extra virgin olive oil & Balsamic vinegar)

MELIES (Green olives & Kalamata olives)

Our line of olives is of superior quality, carefully handpicked at selected estates. Queen of Olives is of course the world famous KALAMATA olives, only to be found in our region in Greece. The selection is completed with premium GREEN olives plain, or stuffed with ALMOND, PEPPER and GARLIC. Unique taste, great for salads while a very healthy snack!

Eleia (Balsamic vinegar)

Eleia balsamic vinegar has been attentively matured in oak casks offering a unique velvety smooth flavor with hints of caramel and tobacco.

MELIES (Thyme honey)

Thyme honey has a very limited worldwide production of not more than 1% of the total honey production while it can only be found at selected areas of the Mediterranean. The flavor is incomparable and again of superior quality. With no preservatives and no added sugars it is the best bees offer us directly from nature.

Elviart Kaloidas SA specializes in souvlaki pita bread production and has a dynamic presence in this sector since 1952. Possessing the number one position of the sector in terms of market share and number of employees, ELVIART was always a pioneer not only in the domestic market, but also abroad.

ELVIART aims to stay at the top of the sector by providing to consumers the tastiest pita bread. For 60 years the company achieved being number one through continuous effort for improvement, investments in state of the art equipment and knowhow and mainly the “mojo” in the quest of making the perfect pita.

Certifications: IFSHALALISO

Premium Pita Bread

Sicilians accompany her with a brioche. A traditional granite flavor with aromatic lemon to quench and invigorate the senses

Mini Pita Bread

Smooth flavor with unique and fresh tropical fruits that create the perfect granite recipe

Pocket Oval Pita Bread

With fresh red raspberries and pieces of blueberry. Fruity, and ultimately desirable.

ELMAK is a Greek Enterprise established in January 2011 that developed its business operations as a purveyor in the commercial supply sector of HO.RE.CA. In 2013 the Company acquired its own production unit (laboratory) and specialised in the preparation, packaging, and commercialisation of premium quality beverages, whose main ingredient is chocolate.

In 2018, under the new name ELMAK BEVERAGE, the Company expands by creating a contemporary production unit, including a testing laboratory, a quality control unit, showroom, and meeting room, all of which are built on the premises located in Vari, Attica. This exemplary production lab has gained certifications for ISO 22000. 2005, as well as the Quality Assurance of TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

In 2019 company created a new production line with bio organic vegan chocolate bars. The new lab is certified in bio production and also company is certified in Gluten-Free production. All products are GMO-Free, and suitable for Vegetarian diet.

Novello Chocolate Brand established ELMAK BEVERAGE as a successful company in the Market of coffee & dining, and a pioneer in the Industry of production and commercialisation of aromatic chocolate beverages, both hot and cold. Åxcept of brand Novello Chocolate, Elmak Beverage has created new brands such as Granita alla Siciliana and Mix & Joy Milkshakes.The company main characteristic is gourmet products, such as premium chocolates beverages and chocolate bars, granitas and milkshakes.

The company has a very large network of customers in the Greek Market, and simultaneously expanded in numerous markets abroad, most significant of which are Italy, Germany, UK, and Cyprus.

The constant effort of the brand was crowned with the award of 10 top prizes in the recognised competition of Superior Taste and Quality of Food & Beverages of the OLYMP AWARDS 2017 and 2018 & Coffee Business Awards 2019.

HOT - COLD Chocolate drink

The extraordinary quality ranks this chocolate unique in as a variety, thus attributing identity and uniqueness to the classic chocolate beverage. Can be prepared hot or cold.

Limoncello Granite

Sicilians accompany her with a brioche. A traditional granite flavor with aromatic lemon to quench and invigorate the senses

Mango & Fruit Passion Granite

Smooth flavor with unique and fresh tropical fruits that create the perfect granite recipe

Raspberry & Blueberry Granite

With fresh red raspberries and pieces of blueberry. Fruity, and ultimately desirable.

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